Many people have heard of Tai Chi and know of the millions of people that practice daily in China. Usually they will refer to it as "the thing that they do in the parks in China." Or, they may have heard of Tai Chi at their local martial arts center, but Tai Chi is so much more!

Here is a basic breakdown for you:

Qigong (Chi Kung) is a gentle form of movement and exercise that has been called “Meditation in Motion.” It is based on the principles of breath practice, gentle movement, self-applied massage and mental focus. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime, by anyone who wants to improve their overall health. It purifies, cleanses, and eliminates toxins from the body to boost immune function. And, it promotes an overall sense of well-being and health by building self-esteem and self-awareness.

Tai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan) is a martial art that encompasses beautiful, slow flowing motions. It has a variety of complicated forms and movements. It is often referred to by number as 108 form, 48 form, 18 form, etc. There are a variety of forms and variations including Yang style, Chen style, Wu sytle and Sun style, as well as Tai Chi sword, fan and spear. You can find Tai Chi classes at places such as hospitals, gyms and martial arts facilities, but many forms are very complex and hard to learn. It takes years to learn and master traditional forms of Tai Chi Chuan. There is more focus on precise form, than meditation, but Tai Chi chuan has also been referred to as "Meditation in Motion."

Tai Chi Easy is an Integral Tai Chi. It is a simplified form of Tai Chi with a health mind/body/spirit focus. The core moves have been collected from the major forms and integrated into a collection of simpler movements, that anyone can learn and practice. It has fewer complicated steps, and offers the novice the chance to learn and practice the 'basics.' The movements have been simplified and adjusted to deliver health benefits to a larger audience. The aim is health improvement, balance and coordination. It is not a 'traditional' form but encompasses many of the principles and movements of Tai Chi. It has been stripped down to the basics to make it easier for you to learn and practice in your daily life, while maintaining the grace and philosophies of traditional Tai Chi.

A quote from Roger Jahnke, OMD,
Chair, Qi Cultivation Department, Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine,
Director, International Institute of Integral Qigong,
Founder and Former Chairperson, National Qigong Association

“Many believe that Tai Chi is focused on the “forms”’ or “practices” (it is important to learn a particular form or practice to get the best results). This is incorrect. The focus, intent, purpose of the ancient Chinese Qi cultivation practices is the Qigong state. This is the state in which the human body/mind/spirit complex is optimal, functioning with the least restraint or encumbrance and ‘in the flow’. The Qigong state (or the Tai Chi state), fosters and supports the capacity for self-healing, disease prevention, personal empowerment, intuitive insight and clarity of purpose.” (Roger Jahnke, OMD)