Most people have the mistaken belief that exercise has to be strenuous to be effective. This is incorrect. You can get as much benefit from slow and purposeful movements. Plus, you have more fun and feel better when you are finished, so you are more likely to stick to the program! You don't have to pay for an expensive gym, only to go for 3 weeks, and you don't have to buy bulky equipment to act as an expensive coat rack!

Qigong and Tai Chi allow you to tone and stretch your muscles and loosen joints without the risk of injuring yourself by pushing yourself too hard or too fast. Because the movements are slow, you will be building strength and flexibility and you will feel a difference in your body and your mind almost immediately.

Qigong has very simple movements that you can do in your own home. It requires no special equipment, no special skills and very little space... only a little time and willingness to learn. It consists of 4 simple components: gentle movement, deep breathing practices, meditation/visualization and self-massage.

It is even more effective in a group setting because it produces and atmosphere of positive energy. It is a good, healing 'vibe' you will actually be able to feel or sense (similar to Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Hands, etc.). Everyone in the room will benefit from this energy, no matter what their level or ability is. This method has even been used in hospitals to help heal the sick, and can work for you.

To make the practices even more enjoyable and accessible, I will teach you and a group of your friends in your own home. If you have 5 or more friends it's only $10 per week, per-person (4 week commitment) for a 1-hour session in your home, and the hostess is free. Individual sessions are also available. Please call for rates.

Once you get started with these simple and effective practices you can continue to practice them in your home or any place you have a few free moments. In this way, you can begin to take control of your own health.