Tai Chi and Qigong has numerous health benefits for ALL ages and body types. There are no real limitations to the practice.

It can be practiced in bed, in a chair and standing. Even the 'intention' and mental focus of just 'thinking' about the movements and practices has produced significant results for individuals who are not able to move.

Tai Chi is great for children. There are several movements such as 'shake like a tree', 'wiggle like a worm', and 'fly like a bird' that provide a great opportunity to stretch a child's imagination and his wings (so to speak)! Tai Chi allows children to move around and get some exercise, and also involves movements to teach them to slow down and remain calm.

It has the potential to increase attention span, self-esteem, well-being and respect. It is fun and active, and can stimulate creativity, and, at the same time, slow and focused to stimulate restraint and mental function.